grauer Hintergrund, Frau im mittelalterlichen Kostüm, Schriftzug "Buchstäblich Luther"

The new special exhibition

Whether monk or opponent of the Pope, loving family man, hero bursting with strength or plagued by great misery – Martin Luther had many facets. These are presented in the new special exhibition.

links Luthers Elternhaus und im Hintergrund das Museum

Luther's Parents' Home

Luther lived here for the longest out of all his homes, with the exception of his time in Wittenberg. He spent 13 years in Mansfeld - his school years and his youth.

Büste Luthers im Fokus, Zaun davor, im Hintergrund Hauswand

Luther's Birth Place and Death House

It all began in Eisleben - the place where Luther was born. And that's where it ended - with Luther's last journey.