Luther House

The Luther House was the main place where the Reformer lived and worked for over 35 years. Originally built as an Augustinian monastery, Martin Luther called it home from 1508 - first as a monk and then later with his family. This was where he made his “reformatory discovery,” gave lectures to students from across Europe and penned his writings that changed the world.

Today, the Luther House is the largest museum for the history of the Reformation worldwide. It was opened in 1883. The Luther Room is still largely in its original condition and many visitors from across the world are transported back to the time of Luther.

Construction work

Due to construction work, the exhibition area on the 2nd floor is unfortunately closed. The admission prices have been reduced accordingly. We apologize for any inconvenience.

links Baum und Wiese, mittig asphaltierter Weg - Hintergrund Lutherhaus, blauer Himmel
Das Refektorium
Innenräume des Lutherhauses
Die Lutherstube: 2 Fenster, ein Holztisch, alter verschlissener Holzboden

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