Melanchthon House

One of the most beautiful residences in Wittenberg was built for the scholar Philipp Melanchthon by Elector John Frederick I in 1536. He built the house to commit the scholar to staying on as a professor at his university. The impressive house offered ample space for Melanchthon and his family, as well as numerous students. He lived here until his death in 1560.

In the historic Melanchthon House you can literally walk in the footsteps of one of the most important protagonists of the Wittenberg Reformation. The house has barely changed over the centuries. In the historical building and the new museum building, opened in 2013, visitors can explore the life and works of the reformer in a largely barrier-free tour. Since 2016, Melanchthon’s herb garden behind the house has been growing medicinal plants again—maintaining the tradition of the herbalist scholar.

Die Straßenansicht vom Melanchthonhaus
Vater und Kind schauen sich um, links ein Esstisch - vertäfelte Decke
dunkelblaue Wand, beleuchtete Bücher in Glasvitrinen
eine kupferne Büste von Melanchthon, im Hintergrund eine Bücherwand



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